Add a redirect

Redirecting users to a specific page, app download, or even WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger helps you guide them where you want them to go now that they're online.


  • Active MyWiFi subscription.
  • A location with an associated campaign.

Enable redirect

  1. Select Campaigns from the main menu.
  2. Click Edit Campaign.
  3. Select Redirect.
  4. Toggle on Redirect Options

    Optional: Set a timed redirect.

    A five to ten seconds redirect time is recommended if you wish end users to view brief info on the thank you page. Toggle the slider to the leftmost side if you wish users not to leave the page automatically after a few seconds.
    This is useful if you have a form that they need to fill out or a short video.

Redirect Options

Within your dashboard, you have a few options available for where to redirect users. Remember to click Save Campaign when you're done!

NOTE: Some Android phones will not be redirected after authentication; this depends entirely on how that phone handles the captive portal. 

Redirect to a URL

Use this to redirect users to a specific webpage -- for example your website, a YouTube video, or a survey. You can also adjust the redirect time frame and include dynamic URL parameters within the link with a single click.


Redirect to the App Store

App Store redirects are useful if you wish to redirect users to your Google Play Store app or Apple app. Copy the URL of your app and paste it into the appropriate fields provided.

Redirect to WhatsApp

Our WhatsApp integration allows your end-users to directly communicate with you.
Input your WhatsApp number into the field provided and the WhatsApp app will automatically open on the end-users' device, giving them the chance to communicate with your brand via WhatsApp.


Redirect to Messenger

Input your Facebook Messenger page name into the field provided and the Facebook Messenger app will automatically open on the end-users' device, giving them the chance to communicate with your brand via Facebook Messenger.

If you have a chatbot set up with referral codes, you can enter the referral code as well.


Next Step

Now that you've decided on your redirect, it's time to think about ads!

Need Help?

If you have any questions, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon located in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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