Why do I receive an error when submitting my custom URLs?

As part of branding your account, you can add two custom URLs to reflect your personal domain -- your control panel and your social portal. Because setting these up requires communication between two platforms, and domain registrars can be laid out slightly differently, you may receive an error while setting up your custom URLs. Here's what it is, and details on what may be causing the problem.

Error: No CNAME records found

Make sure that you have created CNAME records for both your custom domains in your domain registrar (the site where you bought and manage your domain). This needs to be done before you click Save Settings on your branding page in MyWiFi.

Make sure that you've pointed your subdomains correctly! The subdomains you choose won't cause this error unless you already use that subdomain for something else. The two subdomains must be different -- but wifi and social above are just examples that you can use.

Make sure you've noted that the control panel URL and the social portal URL are pointed to different destinations! 

NOTE: Using mywifi as a subdomain for a custom URL may cause issues, and is not recommended.

DNS record examples

Custom control panel URL:
Host/Source   Destination/Value
wifi.yourdomain.com points to yourURL.securewificloud.com

Custom social portal URL:
Host/Source   Destination/Value
social.yourdomain.com points to yourURL.securewifilogin.com
NOTE: Make sure to replace yourURL with your unique MyWiFi subdomain from your branding page:


You can also find the full URL to point your CNAME record to on the branding page for each custom URL:


DNS propagation

After you've correctly set up your DNS records, you may still encounter errors due to what is called DNS propagation. This refers to the amount of time it takes for your domain registrar to have your new CNAME record fully set up across the network of servers worldwide.

Often, this process takes only a few minutes; in some cases, it can take up to 48 hours. Most of the time it's complete within a few hours at the most, but if we're still not able to find your CNAME records, and you're sure they're correctly set up, this propagation period may be at fault.

Unfortunately, there's no way to speed this up -- you'll need to wait it out.

Other issues

If you've waited for DNS propagation, checked your DNS records, and made sure everything is set up, but it's still not connecting properly, contact support with a screenshot of your DNS records from your domain registrar -- we'll be happy to help figure out what's wrong!

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