Why are guests not seeing my campaign when they connect for the first time?

The device is set up, but the campaign isn't loading

With how MyWiFi is set up, some domains -- such as those used for login -- are whitelisted, which means that they can be browsed without authentication. In other words, there are domains that your guests can browse without going through the login process. Once they try to go to a domain that isn't whitelisted, your campaign will appear in a captive portal.


  1. Make sure that your campaign is assigned to the correct location.mceclip0.png
  2. If your device and campaign are assigned to the correct location, but you're still getting this error, try forgetting the network on your phone or computer. Wait for the SSID to re-populate in your network list, and then try to log in again. 
  3. If that still doesn't bring up the campaign, make sure your connecting device is not already in an established session -- if it is, then that device will connect automatically, without loading the campaign. To immediately end that session, type http://logout into the address bar of the browser.

    It's Important

    You must be connected to a MyWiFi network to de-authenticate using http://logout. There is no ending to the URL -- please type it in your browser exactly as:

  4. If you're still running into this issue, make sure that the default campaign for the location is not also scheduled at that location. To do this, go to the location settings, and look under the Campaign Assignment tab. Make sure that these are not the same campaign -- if they are, delete the scheduled campaign by hitting the trash icon on the right, and re-attempt connection to the network.mceclip1.png
  5.  If none of these steps resolves the issue, please contact support confirming that you've run through all these steps.

Datto (formerly Open Mesh CloudTrax)

If you're using OpenMesh, there may be a configuration error causing this -- the most common one is a missing or incorrect NASID or Splash Page URL.


The NASID listed in MyWiFi must match the NASID listed in OpenMesh.

First, in your MyWiFi dashboard go to Devices and click Edit Device. Note the NASID. 
Then, in Datto, go to the settings for SSID1 and scroll to the section on Splash page authentication. Make sure that the NASID matches the one in MyWiFi.

Also within Datto, make sure your custom social portal URL is listed as the Splash Page URL.

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