Why is my router showing as offline/never connected?

Device not online

Flashed devices only!

This only applies to devices flashed with our firmware.

My router is showing as offline/never connected and I cannot get it to connect, what can I do?

First, check that the social hotspot is connected correctly for internet access. The Ethernet cable should be connected to a LAN port on your modem/router and the WAN port on the social hotspot.

Static IP Address

Your social hotspot will not connect if it is assigned a static IP address.

Why is it still showing offline/never connected? My device is connected correctly.

Often, a reboot will help. Leave your social hotspot powered on and connected, then reboot the modem or router it is connected to. Once it has rebooted, wait 5 minutes and then check to see if your social hotspot has come online in your dashboard.

My device is connected correctly and I have rebooted my main router but it still shows offline/never connected. What next?

Make sure that you have the correct MAC address entered into your dashboard. Click Edit device in your Control Panel and compare the MAC address and default SSID to the device label.

Incorrect MAC address

If the MAC Address is incorrect your router will not connect to the platform.

Where can I find the device's Mac Address?

On the dashboard:

On the device label:

SSID (network name):

If the router is displaying a default SSID (such as MyWiFi_[MAC Address]) that is different than what is in your dashboard, delete your device and re-add it using the MAC address contained in the SSID.

Why is it still not online? The MAC address matches the default SSID and my device is receiving the internet.

If the MAC address is correct, the social hotspot is receiving internet, and your device is still not showing online, the issue may be that your router's firewall is blocking the connection.

You will need to log into the router or modem that is providing internet to your social hotspot and allow traffic to the ports mentioned below, or at least lower or turn off the firewall security to test if your device connects. Logins and settings will vary by device model.

Login information is usually listed on the device label. If not, default logins can be searched for on Google.

In some cases, you may need to contact your ISP to ensure the mentioned ports are allowed.

Ports 1812 and 1813 need to be open to traffic in your router's firewall to connect to the MyWiFi platform.

If you have disconnected your router from your modem and connected the MyWiFi router, it may be that your modem is not providing DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), meaning that your modem is not assigning IP addresses dynamically. Not all modems do; in this case, you would be better off “piggybacking” off your main router, which we suggest when deploying.

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