Supported devices and compatibility

Pre-flashed devices

We have flashed devices that are plug-and-play and ready to go - check out our store for available devices!

Cloud Controllers

MyWiFi also integrates directly with various cloud controllers with no additional hardware required.

Please click one of the manufacturer icons below to view relevant setup instructions:






Custom device scripts

MyWiFi has also developed a custom script to work with Mikrotik devices.
Mikrotik devices can also be used as Gateways to support larger installs and venues with existing APs.
Learn more about how to use a gateway with MyWiFi.

Flash your own devices

We also support many OpenWRT devices.

Device compatibility

MyWiFi is compatible with several hardware manufacturers. We have grouped them according to your install needs: small installs and large installs. 

Suitable for small installations

Small areas that need social WiFi services are called small installs. Small cafes, restaurants, retail shops, and so on are qualified as small installs, as well as devices used for demo purposes. Here is the hardware best used for small installs: 

Suitable for large installations

If the small routers are not sufficient to deliver social WiFi due to signal range limitations, you will need to use cloud controllers that provide good wifi signal coverage in larger areas. These can be used in large areas such as big restaurants with large seating capacities, hotels, event areas, and so on. Here are the brands of cloud controllers we support: 

It's Important

Please read this article to learn more about flashing your device with MyWiFi Firmware
You need to confirm the device model and version number before flashing the device.

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