Branding overview

On the top right side of your dashboard, you'll find your Profile account menu – there you can access your account details, find some MyWifi resources, and customize the branding of your MyWiFi dashboard.

Quick overview

Change the branding of your MyWiFi dashboard.


  • Active MyWiFi subscription.

Branding overview

To get to your branding page, go to Branding in your account profile menu.



This will bring you to a screen showing all your branding options!



Brand management

You can brand your dashboard to give it the look and feel of your own business or organization -- you can apply your own logo, colors, terms and conditions, and much more.

Apply your custom logo

You can upload your own custom branded logo and favicon, which will replace the MyWiFi logo across the platform. The logo should be 250x150 pixels, and the favicon should be 16x16 pixels.


Customize the URL, title, legal details, and support email/link

You can set your own title and legal company name and provide a support email or link. You can also set your default dashboard URL, but note that you can only change this once, and this will also be replaced by your custom control panel URL.

Customize your dashboard menu colors

You can make the dashboard your own by customizing the menu text color, hover color, and background color.


Customize the default campaign

 You can have a default campaign by selecting an existing one or creating a new one. This will be the basis for new campaigns created from template -- and for your campaign demos!


Customize the control panel URL

You can customize the URL of your control panel -- this will replace the default URL with one of your own.


Customize your social portal URL

You can also customize the URL of your social portal -- where your guests connect to authenticate when logging in to your WiFi. 


Retrieve your personal App Secret Key

Some integrations will require your personal Secret Key during setup -- you can generate, view, and save it here.


Customize the footer, privacy policy, and terms & conditions

You can customize the footer displayed on your dashboard and add or change the Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions, as well as make your email opt-out link your own by changing the wording of the link as it appears in your emails.



Need Help?

If you have any questions, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon located in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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