Clients overview

In the main menu, you'll find Clients – there you can create clients and manage their assigned locations, campaigns, scheduled reports, and subusers.

Quick overview

Manage your clients including their locations, devices, and campaigns, all under one management area.


  • Active Agency or higher MyWiFi subscription.
  • An existing location.
  • An existing campaign.

Clients overview

Select Clients from the main menu.

This will display your clients.
Here, you can quickly see how many locations, campaigns, apps, subusers, and scheduled reports are assigned to each client.


Client management overview

Once you have added clients to your dashboard, you can assign them locations, campaigns, apps, subusers, or reports. Doing so will provide you quick access to overall statistics and easier management features.


Client search bar

You can use the search bar to find the client you need to manage faster.

Add new clients

Click the Add New Client button to add a client to your dashboard.

Viewing client details

You can manage existing clients that you have added to your dashboard by clicking Show Details. Here, you can assign locations, campaigns, apps, scheduled reports and subusers to each client.


Edit the client details

You can quickly edit the client details, including the billing address and contact details.

Delete the client

You can quickly delete the client and the entire account with the delete button.
Deleting your client will not affect any associated campaigns, locations, apps, reports, or subusers.


Add or assign campaigns, locations, apps, or scheduled reports

You can add or assign locations, campaigns, apps, and scheduled reports to the client by clicking the blue plus icon.

Add client subusers

You can add subusers and manage their access rights .
Head here to learn more about subusers..


Remove locations, campaigns, apps, scheduled reports, or subusers

You can remove anything associated with a user by clicking the x to the right. This does not remove them from your dashboard.



Need Help?

If you have any questions, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon located in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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