Zapier automation integration

 Zapier and MyWiFi

Integrating Zapier with MyWiFi helps you send your guest data to over 1,000 third-party apps.

First, you'll need to set up MyWiFi as a Zap within Zapier.



  • Active subscription with Zapier.
  • Active Pro or higher MyWiFi subscription.
  • A location with an associated campaign.

Zapier automation

Once you have created an automation, you can trigger Zaps from within MyWiFi.

  1. Select Automation from the main menu.
  2. Click Add New Automation.
  3. Choose an Automation Name, select a Location where the automation should run, and select the Campaign that the automation will run on, and click Proceed
    NOTE: You can leave the Campaign field blank to run the automation on all campaigns at that location, or choose multiple campaigns to run it on.

  4. Choose a Trigger. You have four choices:

    Connect: When the guest connects to WiFi
    Disconnect: When the guest disconnects from WiFi
    Inactive: When the guest has not connected to the WiFi for a certain number of days
    Birthday: On the guest's birthday each year
    Note that most login methods do not collect birth date information; you can, however, request that information from Facebook,
  5. Choose a Delay. There are two options:

    Real Time: The automation will fire as soon as the trigger happens.
    Delay: The automation will fire a specific length of time after the trigger happens. This can be measured in minutes, hours, or days.
  6. Choose the Send frequency. You have three choices:

    Always: The automation will fire every time the trigger occurs.
    Once: The automation will only fire the first time the trigger occurs for that contact.
    By Visits: The automation will fire based on a rule you set up based on the number of visits.

    The By Visits rule has two parts:
    When: Choose between Before, On, or After
    Visits: The relevant number of visits that changes whether or not this automation will fire.

    For example, an automation set as When: Before and Visits: 5 will fire the first four times the contact connects to the WiFi, but will not fire after that.
  7. Select Zapier
  8. Select Create New Zap or Existing Zap to view a list of your existing zaps.
  9. Click Proceed.


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