Enable Facebook birthday scopes

Watch this video to learn more about Facebook Birthday scopes.

Enabling the Facebook user_birthday scope will allow you to access the date and month of a person's birthday. 

This may or may not include the person's year of birth, dependent upon their privacy settings.

Enable Facebook birthday scopes

  1. Log in to your Facebook App.
  2. Click on App Review then + Add Items.
  3. Select user_birthday and then click the Add 1 Item button.
  4. Click on the Edit Notes link.
  • Select how you intend to use the information.
  • Turn Web on
  • Write how you intend to use the app.
  • Upload the video found here
  • Click Save.


Sample description

  1. User connects to WiFi network
  2. User agrees to terms and conditions, including privacy policy
  3. Connects with Facebook, accepts access, and is given free WiFi access
  4. This is asked for in order to gauge the interests of users to send more relevant information/coupons/offers.
  5. Click on Submit For Review. Once approved, it will look like this:

Update the integration

Once your Facebook app is approved for the user_birthday scope, you have to pull the updated scopes for the Facebook app that you added as an app.

  1. In the dashboard, go to the Apps section from the main menu.
  2. Find the app that you added for your Facebook login.
  3. Click Edit App.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click the Edit button again and make note that the app scopes have been updated to include user_birthday.

It's Important

If the user_birthday scope is not part of the app scopes list, that means that the Facebook app you have added does not have access to those scopes.
Please re-check your app scope permissions or contact support if you believe this is in error.

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