When should I use paid WiFi?

Times to charge for WiFi access

After hours

If you're still offering WiFi access outside your general hours, you may want to charge a premium for this access! This can help you recoup the cost of your WiFi, as well as make sure that there isn't a lot of bandwidth usage after hours. Alternately, you can just have a scheduled campaign where the only login option is paid WiFi -- that way, you can offer free WiFi during the day, but charge for it at night (or offer no payment options to prevent people from connecting)!

Conference centers / Trade show venues

Free WiFi never went out of fashion at conference centres or trade venues -- and often, the provided WiFi from the venue can be difficult, slow, and spotty. Providing their own premium internet service for their customers -- while collecting valuable data -- can help give your clients a leg up on their competition.

Tourist centers

Tourist centers such as cruise ship terminals see a lot of people every day, and with people spending a lot of time there, that's a lot of potential cash flow! People at tourist centers are expecting to spend money, and they're used to paid WiFi -- charging something as low as $5/day could lead to incredible cash flow.


Everyone expects to pay for hotel WiFi -- and especially when it's offered at multiple tiers for business travellers, since they're able to expense it!

Remote areas

If you live in remote areas and use satellite internet, it's quite expensive -- paid WiFi can be a way to recoup that cost.



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