SSID QR code

You can help streamline the connection process for your guests by putting up a QR code that will automatically connect them to your campaign’s SSID and open up the captive portal, allowing them to connect to the WiFi as easily as possible.  This is different from the campaign preview QR code.

  1. Go to Locations in the main menu.
  2. Find the location that has the campaign that you want to share the SSID QR code for.
  3. Click the Settings icon to go to the Location Settings. Alternately, from the Location Dashboard, go directly to the Settings section.
  4. Go to the General tab.
  5. Click Generate QR code to create your QR code.
  6. Click Download to download the QR code to your computer in PNG format.

You can now print off and post the QR code around your location, so that your guests can more easily connect to the WiFi. We suggest posting more than just the QR code with no explanation -- QR codes work best with a call to action!


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