Three ways to connect the SH50

There are three ways to connect the SH50 device so that it can receive internet access, and broadcast your campaign to guests.

First and most common is by ethernet cable. To achieve this, connect the WAN port on your SH50 device to the LAN port of your router. This is the standard way of connecting the SH50 for internet access, and is the best way to do it for most locations.

If you have a USB modem, you can also connect it directly that way! Simply plug the USB modem into the port on the device, and you’ll be able to connect to the internet as if it were connected to a router. This is ideal if you have a mobile location.

Alternately, you can connect to the internet via your cellphone -- simply plug one end of a USB cable into your phone’s port and the other end into the USB port on the SH50 device, and you can tether the SH50 to your phone. This is ideal for a mobile location if a USB modem isn’t available.

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