Finding your device's MAC address

A MAC address is a twelve-digit, unique identifier for each device capable of connecting to the internet, including laptops, phones, point of sale systems, and more. It's made up of numbers and the letters A through F, often in pairs and separated by colons.

There are three ways to find your device's MAC address: on the device itself, in the MyWiFi dashboard, and by connecting it to the internet and finding the SSID.

On the device

You can find your device's MAC address on the label of the physical device, usually on the bottom. It's often next to a barcode.

MyWiFi dashboard

To find the MAC address of your device, go to Devices, find the device that you're looking for, and hit Edit Device. You can find your device's MAC address on the Info tab.

Default SSID

If you're having trouble connecting the device, and can't find the MAC address on the device itself, plug the device into your router to connect it to the internet, power it on, and look for an SSID (or network name) that starts with MyWiFi_. The numbers and letters after the underscore make up that device's MAC address.

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