Dashboard Overview

The main dashboard of your account contains a number of reports, meant to give you as much of the most important information as possible on a single screen.

Platform Metrics

This shows you the number of clients, locations, devices, and apps that are associated with your account. This will show all of these -- not just active ones.



This shows you the number of guests currently online, the total number of guests in the selected timeframe, the number of emails collected in that same timeframe, and the number of new guests.


Top 20

This shows you the 20 top performing locations, based on the number of guests that have connected.


CRM statistics

This section shows you the number of leads collected over the selected timeframe, as well as the total number of views.


Automation statistics

This section shows you the total number of successful events, as well as the total number of failed events. (Withheld events are not shown here.)


Presence analytics

This section pulls from the presence analytics section of your dashboard, showing the average number of passersby per hour and the average number of visitors per hour.



Here, you can see a visual representation of various data points over time: Guest logins, visitors, or revenue.


Need Help?

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