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Many partners have questions regarding our Ubiquiti UniFi setup. To integrate Ubiquiti Access Points with MyWiFi, the UniFi controller needs to be cloud-hosted. This often leads to a series of important considerations and steps to take in order to properly set up a UniFi controller. 

There are many hosting options out there, but if you are not a UniFi expert and want to get your controller up and running and ready to integrate with MyWiFi, the quickest and easiest solution is to use a service that provides UniFi expertise and makes setup quick and easy for you. 

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It's Important

1 UniFi controller site = 1 MyWiFi device . You can only associate a controller and a site once within the MyWiFi platform.  You can, however, add and associate additional sites as devices within MyWiFi, so long as they are operated within the same UniFi Cloud Controller.

HostiFi setup

1. Once you have signed up for an account, visit https://hostifi.net/user and log in.



2. Once you log in, you will have a server address for your UniFi controller and login information. Your controller is automatically provisioned. 



3. Click on the server URL and log into your UniFi controller.



4. When logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to edit your account including your username, email, password, and setting up your controller/access point notifications.



5. Once you have updated your account information, we recommend setting up a new site for your client. To do this, click on Current Site: Default > +Add new site in the upper right corner of the controller console. 



6. Name the new site (your client's business name is recommended), then click Submit. Once submitted, your current site view will change to the new site by default.



7. Within the new site, click the settings icon, located in the lower-left menu.  



8. Click Wireless Networks.






10. Name your client's guest network and enable Apply guest policies.


MyWiFi setup

11. After the above configuration is complete, you can now add the device to the MyWiFi Control Panel. Under the Devices tab, click Add New Device.



12. Choose an existing location from the drop-down menu. If you have not yet created the location, you will need to create one to add the device. 



13. Scroll through the device brands listed and choose Ubiquiti



14. Fill in the Server URL found in Hostifi (including https://), the Controller Username, and Controller Password. Click Proceed



15. Choose the Site assigned to your client from the drop-down.



16. Choose the Wireless Network (SSID) for your client's Site and click Proceed.



17. Review your configuration. Once you click Confirm Setup, MyWiFi will automatically configure your controller's guest settings to integrate with our platform.



You can verify the configuration by checking the Guest Control under your controller settings.



Congratulations! You have now set up and integrated Unifi with MyWiFi on your new Hostifi controller!

It's Important

Please make sure to read the additional notes regarding UniFi setup.

Need Help?

If you have any questions, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon located in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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