View automation reports

See how your automations have been doing

You may want to check in on your automations -- you can do so with our automation reports!

Access automation reports

Select Automation from the main menu.

There will be up to three icons under Reports, depending on the type of automation you're looking at.


Clicking either the automation name or the automation history icon will bring you to the automation history page.


This list will detail every instance where the automation has fired. It lists the name of the automation and the associated app, the location and campaign where the user connected, the user's information, the status of the automation, the status of the automation, a link to the event report, and the date and time the automation was sent.

You can go directly to the location dashboard by clicking on the location name, or open the events history report by clicking the list icon under Reports.  You can also filter the list by status, name, or location; choose a time period to look at; or export the list as a CSV or PDF.

There are three possible statuses, and hovering over the status will give you more details.

Success indicates that the automation went through, and your data was successfully sent.

Withheld means that the data was not sent; this can be caused by a number of things, but the most common is that the automation requires information that the login method doesn't provide -- for example, someone logging in through Facebook doesn't provide a phone number, so an SMS automation will be withheld. Hovering over the status will tell you what happened. 

Error means that we attempted to send the data, but something went wrong. Hovering over the status will tell you what happened. 

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