ManyChat integration

Integrate your ManyChat account with MyWiFi so that you can send your guest data to a chatbot and automatically interact with your guests!

Why use a chat bot?

Chat bots are the latest craze in marketing automation -- these bots allow you to automatically welcome new users or respond to users' chats based on specific keywords. ManyChat is one of the leading chatbot platforms, and combines your Facebook Messenger account with your SMS marketing efforts.


  • Active Pro or higher ManyChat subscription.
  • Active Pro or higher MyWiFi subscription.
  • A location with an associated campaign.

ManyChat API information

  1. Log in into your ManyChat account and go to Settings, then the API tab.


  1. Generate an API Token, copy it, and make sure it's somewhere secure.

ManyChat integration

Now that you have your API token, you can integrate ManyChat as an app in MyWiFi.

  1. Log in to your MyWiFi dashboard.
  2. Select Apps from the main menu.
  3. Click Add New App.
  4. Select Loyalty.
  5. Select ManyChat.
  6. Decide on an App Name and enter the API Token that you got from ManyChat. Your app name can be anything you'd like -- it's just for you to reference internally.
  7. Click Proceed.


ManyChat automation

Now that your ManyChat account has been integrated with MyWiFi, you can create an automation with it.

  1.  Select Automation from the main menu.
  2. Click Add New Automation.
  3. Decide on an Automation Name, and select the Location and Campaign this automation is for. 
  4. Click Proceed.
  5. Choose a trigger -- we suggest Connect. This will trigger the automation every time a guest connects to the WiFi.
  6. Choose a delay -- We suggest Real Time, so that your automation will trigger immediately.
  7. Choose a send frequency -- we suggest Always to keep your information as up-to-date as possible.

    Due to Facebook restrictions, newly logged-in users cannot be added to your ManyChat customer list. This automation allows you to add previous ManyChat users to your existing sequences and allows you to segment your ManyChat lists through your ManyChat settings.

  8. Choose your ManyChat app.
  9. Select how the automation will find the existing subscriber in ManyChat -- by Email or by Name.
  10. If you want to narrow down the search list further, you can use Custom Fields.
    Custom fields can be created on your ManyChat dashboard: go to Settings, then Custom Fields.
  11. Choose if you want the automation to be performed on the First Matching Subscriber or on All Matching Subscribers.
    For example, if John Smith connects to your WiFi, and there are three John Smiths in your contact list, do you want this automation to add data to the first one, or to all three?
  12. Choose what this automation will do to your subscribers: Add Tag, Remove Tag, Set a Custom Field, or Verify By Signed Request.
    Tags can be created in ManyChat: go to Settings, then Tags. > Settings > Tags
  13. Click Proceed.
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