Block user

You may find that a user is misusing your WiFi access, or that you want to prevent them from coming back.

There are two ways to accomplish this from your location dashboard.

Remove access

  1. Select Locations from the main menu.
  2. Find the location you want to manage.
  3. Click the dashboard icon, the location's name, or the map to open and view it.

You can block a user two ways: either by managing your blacklist directly, or by going through the contact user profile.

Manage your blacklist

If you have the MAC address of the user's device already, or you want to review who is already blacklisted, managing your blacklist may be the best option.

  1. Go to your location Settings.
  2.  Go to the Session tab.
  3. Add your guest's MAC address to the blacklist.
    This will prevent the user from authenticating after this session has ended.

Contact user profile

If you don't already have the user's MAC address, you can get it from their user profile -- and then add them to your blacklist from within the same window.

  1. Go to your location Contacts. If the user is online, you can also go to your location Dashboard.
  2.  Click on the user's name.
  3. Go to the Connection Details tab and click Block User.mceclip5.png
  4. Confirm that they were blocked: They should have Blocked added to the end of their name, and the button will have changed to Unblock User.



This will not immediately remove the user from your network, just prevent them from reconnecting.

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