Login options

Once you have branded the appearance of your campaign or login page, it's time to choose which login options your guests will have available to log in to the network.


For most login options, you must have added the third party as an app.

Login options

Connect with Facebook

The Facebook login option allows your guests to use their Facebook accounts to log in to the network, while pulling their data for you. If you want more data, you can request it from Facebook.

If you have created your own Facebook login app, select it from the drop-down list. Otherwise, if you haven't customized your social portal URL, you can use our default app.

NOTE: If you have a custom social portal URL, you must create your own Facebook login app. The default app will only work with our default social portal URL.


Connect with Email

Email login allows you to collect and build your email list for future marketing purposes.

Click Connect with Email to enable it, then choose from the dropdown menu which fields your guests will need to fill out. The more fields you select, the more information you gather -- but remember that guests often prefer fewer fields!mceclip0.png

Connect with Instagram

If you have already created an Instagram login app, you can enable Instagram as a login option. Unfortunately, Instagram no longer allows the creation of new login apps for security and privacy reasons. 


Connect with Twitter

Much like Facebook, you can enable Twitter as a login option that will let your guests access the network, while giving you their data! 


Connect with LinkedIn

The popular social media site for professionals is also available as a login option


Connect with Messenger

Enabling the Facebook Messenger login option allows guests to directly message your Facebook page after logging in. 


Connect with VKontakte

This popular messaging app in Europe and Russian territories can be a login option as well

Connect with OAuth

Enabling connection with OAuth will allow your guests to use their OAuth accounts -- such as Google -- to sign in.

Connect with SMS

Guests can also log in via SMS -- they will receive a PIN number to their phone, and must enter it to log in. This means that you can be confident that they are genuine phone numbers for SMS campaigns! You can also, similar to the email login option, choose from the same list of fields for your guests to fill out.

You'll need to set up a Twilio integration to get started.


Enable Free WiFi

If you don't want to capture data and want to offer easy-access WiFi to your guests, all you need to do is choose the text for the button.


Connect with Passcode

The passcode login works like the traditional way of logging into a secured network -- your guests will need to enter a passcode. Click this option to enable it and enter an alphanumeric password.


Enable paid WiFi

Your clients can always choose to monetize their WiFi service -- this is most common in hotels and airports, but can be added anywhere! Make sure you've already set up your Stripe app.


Once you enable this option, you will be asked to choose your Stripe app, select the fields your guests will need to fill out, and create your payment plans.



Rearrange and customize

Once you have chosen and set up your login options, you can customize the login screen to your liking: rearrange the login buttons by clicking and dragging the three bars on each login option. You can also change the style of the buttons by clicking Styles on the left -- this allows you to change between the default bars and more compact buttons, as well as how round they are.


Primary Button Styles

These options will change the buttons when you click a login method such as 'Connect with Email' that requires more input.

You can change the button colors, the alignment of the text, and whether or not there is an icon with the text.


Login Button Styles

Use these options to change the login buttons themselves to match your branding. With these options, you can change the individual button colors, the text that appears on each button, and the text alignment, as well as whether or not the icons will appear.


Next Steps

Now that you have your login options set up, it's time to move on to the Thank You page!

It's Important

Make sure you hit Save Campaign before moving to a different area of the dashboard!


Need Help?

If you have any questions, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon located in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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