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Advertise in your campaigns

In the main menu of your dashboard, you'll find Ads – there you can create and manage ads that you can then add to your campaigns.

Click Ads Manager to expand the submenu to show all four options: Ads, Ad Zones, Ad Campaigns, and Ad Reports.

Here's how the sections work together: For a guest to see an ad, you must put the ad in an ad zone, and then associate it to a campaign. Once it's been seen, you'll see that in your reports.



This is where you can create new ads and manage existing ones.


Create new ads

You can create new ads by clicking the Create New Ad button.


Upon clicking the Create New Ad button you are presented with the following window:


You will then need to name your Ad, as well as choose the Ad type. 

The types of Ads you can choose from are:

  1. Code/HTML - This will allow you to put in your HTML Ad code as well as the destination URL the code points to. AKA where the Ad goes to once clicked on. 
  2. Image - This will allow you to upload a static image of no more than 200KB in JPEG, JPG, and PNG file types.  Again the destination URL would be the URL you wish the Ad to direct someone to once they click said Ad. 
  3. Dynamic Embed(video & rich media) - This option allows you to embed a video or other rich media using an embed URL. Youtube videos are a great example of this as you can easily get an  URL from any Youtube video by going to Share and using the shortened Youtube share URL. 

Ads bar

You can use the ads bar to choose which ads you want to display based on whether or not they're currently running.


Edit your ad

Clicking the title of the ad or the Edit button will allow you to make changes to the listed ad.


 Once an ad has been updated you will be notified that the ad was successfully saved.


Enable or disable your ad

You can change if an ad is active by toggling On/Off.


Delete your ad

 You can delete an ad by clicking the delete icon -- we'll ask for confirmation before deleting it.


Ad zones overview

From here, you can create and manage the ad zones available for your campaigns.


Create new ad zones

You can create a new ad zone by clicking Create New Zone.

Filter ad zones

You can view All, Enabled or Disabled ad zones.

Edit and delete ad zones

You can modify ad zones by clicking the edit button, or delete them with the delete button.


Ad campaigns overview

From here, you can view the list of campaigns that have an ad assigned or placed within them.


Assign an ad to a campaign

Once an ad has been assigned to a campaign you can modify the ad location by clicking on the edit button.





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