Test your automation

Make sure your automation is properly set up

Once you've created an automation, you may want to test it to make sure it works as expected.



  • Active app within MyWiFi
  • Active Pro or higher MyWiFi plan.
  • A pre-existing location with an associated campaign.

It's Important

To note that when performing a test the test result and data will not be displayed within the Automation History.

Automation testing

Select Automation from the main menu.
NOTE: This process is identical from a location dashboard.
Click Test next to your automation.


Depending on the integration your Automation connects with, the next steps may vary. Here are two examples of common automations: an email automation and an SMS automation.

Email automation test

Here, we'll test an email automation.

  1. Fill out your NameEmail, and Phone Number, then click Test Automation.

 If everything goes through properly, you'll see this banner and get an email in your inbox.



SMS automation test

Here, we'll test an SMS automation.

  1. Select the Country Code, provide your Phone Number, and click Test Automation when ready.

     If everything goes through properly, you'll see this banner and get an SMS message.

Need Help?

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