Platform features

Core Platform

  • Cloud-based social WiFi platform
    Manage your platform and access guest analytics from any browser or mobile phone.
  • Splash page campaign builder
    Our advanced campaign builder allows you to update your campaigns in real-time with no coding required.
  • Device management
    Easily manage all of your access points in one place. Get real-time device status and push changes instantly.
  • Locations 
    Create geographic locations for your WiFi marketing campaigns and group devices to sync marketing efforts.
  • Amazon AWS global distribution
    Offer the fastest social WiFi solution possible, using the Amazon CDN's global infrastructure.
  • 100% white label branding
    You get your own secure dashboard, customized with your company's branding -- including logo, color scheme, and SSL-secured domains.
  • Custom dashboard domain (SSL secured)
    Map your platform dashboard to your own domain for control panel management.
  • Custom WiFi portal domain (SSL secured)
    Send guests to your own domain when connecting to WiFi.
  • Subuser accounts manager
    Create subusers with limited permission levels to delegate management and allow campaign analytics monitoring.

Data & Analytics

  • Dashboard overview
    View daily activity analytics for connected guests, connection history, demographics, visitor trends and more.
  • Real-time analytics
    Up-to-date statistics on your locations and collected guest data that can be easily filtered, sorted, and exported.
  • Guest CRM
    Manage guest profiles and sort by a number of data variables, including name, email, and more.
  • Quick report view
    A real-time reporting page that displays specific connected guests and stats for a specific location -- great for subusers!
  • Activity timeline
    View a chronological, visual overview of all recently-connected WiFi guests.
  • Custom analytics reports
    Create analytics templates that are ready to share with your clients and the marketing team.
  • Automated email reporting
    Set up automated emails with analytics reports -- daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever you decide!
  • CSV and PDF exporting
    Export all data in flexible, common formats to download, archive, or upload to third-party systems.

Campaign Builder

  • Branded splash pages
    Brand your WiFi login pages with your own logo, colors, graphics, and text - no mention of MyWiFi necessary!
  • Custom SSID
    Create a custom SSID for your guest WiFi -- and easily change it!
  • Custom legal disclaimers
    Set your personalized Terms and Conditions for guests to accept while using your network.
  • Custom confirmation page
    Customize the thank-you page that shows to guests after authentication.
  • Deep link redirects
    Redirect your guests to a URL, the app store, or chat apps!
  • Campaign scheduler
    Create a campaign schedule that automatically changes your guest WiFi to suit your schedule.
  • Multi-language login
    Change your login page to over two dozen languages -- or include the option for a guest to choose the language for themselves!
  • Campaign preview links
    Generate a unique Preview URL that replicates the exact WiFi login campaign experience - great for prospective clients!

Connection Methods

  • Social media logins
    Let your guests connect with their social media accounts -- including Facebook, Twitter, and more.
  • Email/custom form login
    Guests can use their email address to log in -- while still giving you valuable information.
  • SMS login
    Guests can authenticate with a text message -- confirming that they're giving you a real phone number!
  • Pay with credit card
    Easily accept credit card payments from guests for access to your network.

Marketing Automation

  • Automation engine
    Set up unlimited automations that are triggered by guest activity.
  • Email messaging
    Send personalized email messages to guests, either as real-time blasts or triggered automations.
  • WYSIWYG email builder
    Create responsive email marketing messages using an industry-leading email editor -- no coding experience required!


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