Facebook Messenger login app

WiFi access through Facebook Messenger

By integrating Facebook Messenger as an app with MyWiFi, your guests can use their Messenger accounts to authenticate for WiFi access.



If you have not yet created a Facebook page, please read the following article How to create a Facebook Page?

It's Important

You will need to have your login app reviewed and approved by Facebook due to permissions that we need to allow this integration to work.

Facebook Messenger setup

  1. Log in to your Facebook developer account.
  2. Click My Apps. If you haven't set up an app yet, click Get Started.

  3. Select Create App.
  4. Enter a Display Name and your Contact Email, then click Create App ID. The display name does not need to be anything specific, but can't include a few terms that Facebook denies (such as "FB").
  5. Complete the I'm not a robot security check.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Click Set Up under Messenger.
  8. Scroll down to Access Tokens, and click Add or Remove Pages. You'll need to be an admin for the page you're connecting to.
  9. Connect to your Facebook account, then choose which Page to connect to.

  10.  You'll see this page, with a warning at the top:


    We'll submit that for review later in the process, so you can ignore the warning for now! Click Done, and your app will be connected to your Facebook account.
  11. Your page will have automatically updated to show your connected Page. Click Generate Token.

    It's Important

    This token will only be generated and shown once! Copy it and paste it somewhere secure where only you can access it.

Now we'll add your app within MyWiFi before submitting your app for review.

Facebook Messenger app setup


  1. Log in to your MyWiFi dashboard.
  2. Select Apps from the main menu.
  3. Click Add New App.
  4. Select Social Apps.

  5. Select Facebook Messenger.
  6. Choose an internal App Name, enter the Page Name for the page you're connecting to, and your Page Access Token.

    For Page Name, enter the last part of the URL for the Page you're connecting to -- for example, if you're connecting to facebook.com/McDonaldsCanada, enter McDonalds, not McDonald's Canada.
  7. Click Proceed.


Facebook Messenger review process

Create a test campaign

First, you'll need to create a campaign that has Messenger as a login option, so that Facebook can see what it does. Since you don't want to add an unusable login option to an active campaign, we suggest creating a new campaign (or duplicating your already-created one).

Make sure that you have Messenger set up as a login option, and then copy the campaign preview link -- you'll need it to complete your submission.


pages_messaging permissions

  1. To start the review process, log back into your Facebook Developers dashboard, select your app, and go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down to App Review for Messenger and click Add to Submission next to pages_messaging.
  3. Scroll down to Current Submission and click Add Details.

  4. On the next screen, click I agree to Facebook's permission and feature usage guidelines.Messenger_App_--_pages_messaging_1.png
  5. Check off Other, then add This allows for authentication to be able to connect to WiFi.
  6. In the next section, choose the Page you're connected to, and then enter this text:
    Step 2: Click Accept.
    Step 3: Click Connect with Messenger.

    You can see a video explaining the MyWiFi product on their website: https://www.mywifinetworks.com/videos/?wchannelid=0aovpwqn6t&wvideoid=q751btwyph
    NOTE: In step 1, replace [CAMPAIGN PREVIEW LINK] with your own campaign preview link.
  7. For the screencast, upload this video from the Marketing Downloads section of our Members Area. Click Save.Messenger_App_--_pages_messaging_4.png


App settings and details

Before you can submit your app for review, you'll need to add some more details. There will be a warning box at the bottom of the page:


Click on Settings. Alternately, in the lefthand menu, click Settings, then Basic.


There are four things you need to add: an app icon, a privacy policy URL, a category, and a business use.


Privacy Policy URL: Enter your full custom control panel URL, adding /page/privacy -- so, for example, if your custom control panel URL is https://controlpanel.yourdomain.com, you would enter https://controlpanel.yourdomain.com/page/privacy.

App icon: Add your app icon, which must be between 512x512px and 1024x1024px in size, and no more than 5MB. You're not able to upload an image with a white background - it must be transparent, so we suggest using a .png file if possible.

Category: Choose a category; we suggest Business and Pages.

Business Use: Choose Provide services to other businesses.

Submit for review

Head back to Messenger Settings in the lefthand menu.


Scroll to the bottom and hit Submit for Review.


Agree to the Platform Onboarding Terms by checking the box at the bottom left, then click Submit.


Your app has been submitted for review! You can see the progress by revisiting your Messenger Settings page, and you will receive an alert when they have communication for you:


You can expect to receive a test message from the review team, so keep an eye on your Page's inbox.

Once your app has been reviewed and approved, it's time to add it to a campaign!

Enable Facebook Messenger login

  1. Select Campaigns from the main menu.
  2. Click Edit Campaign.
  3. Go to the Login tab.
  4. Click Facebook Messenger.
  5. Select your Facebook Messenger app.
  6. Click Save Campaign.

Your guests can now authenticate via Facebook Messenger!

Error: Invalid OAuth access token

When entering your Page Name and Page Access Token they will be evaluated, if not valid then you will receive this error.

  1. Confirm the entered details: Page Name & Page Access Token.
    Once entered correctly you will be able to continue and add your new Facebook Messenger App, return to the top of this article if you need to.



Need Help?

If you have any questions, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon located in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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