Location contacts overview

The details of connected guests, including their email address, times of connections, and number of visits to your business are all located within the location contacts.


  • Active MyWiFi subscription.
  • An active location.

Contacts overview

  1. Select Locations from the main menu.
  2. Find your location and select the Contacts icon. If you search for a location using the full name, you will be brought to the location dashboard; from there, select Contacts.

This will display all the contacts for that location.

Contacts management overview



Using filters will display only users that fit those requirements.

Filters include: login option used, whether the user is online or offline, device, OS type, gender, and if they are returning or new users. You can also set a timeframe for the search.


User profile

The User Profile column contains the name and email address of the user, and will indicate if they are online (with a green dot) or offline (with a red dot), as well as their gender, if known. 


The Visits column displays the number of times that user has logged into that location or network.




The Device column displays the type of device used for the connection.


Operating system (OS)

The OS column displays what type of operating system the guest connected with. 


The Date column displays the last time the user logged into that specific location or network. 

Session time

The Session Time column displays the total time a user has spent browsing across every visit.

 Upload and download

The Upload and Download columns display the total upload and download usage of the user across all visits.

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