Connecting the MyWiFi SH100 hotspot

Connecting your preconfigured hotspot

What's needed:

  • SH100 guest hotspot
  • Active MyWiFi subscription

Connecting the SH100

  1. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the blue WAN port, located on the rear of your SH100, and the other end directly to your internet modem.
    NOTE: The SH100 can also be connected to a switch, router, or other devices that can share or provide internet access.
  2. Plug the power adapter into a wall outlet and the SH100.
    TIP: Avoid using an extension cord to ensure sufficient power supply to the SH100.
  3. The lights should start flashing as the device calibrates. 
  4. Wait five minutes for the device to sync and show as Greenwithin your dashboard.

This is how your device will be displayed within your admin dashboard:

Not online:

If after ten minutes your device is not showing as Green on your dashboard, something hasn't connected properly.

First, check that the social hotspot is connected correctly to give it internet access: the Ethernet cable should be connected to a LAN port on your modem/router and the WAN port on the social hotspot. Make sure the connections aren't backwards!


If you're connected properly, but still showing as offline, often a reboot will help. Leave your SH100 powered on and connected, then reboot the modem/router it is connected to. Once it has rebooted, wait 5 minutes and check to see if your device has come online in your dashboard.

If it's still showing offline after the reboot, make sure that you have the correct MAC address entered in MyWiFi. Click Edit Device in your dashboard and compare the MAC address in MyWiFi to the device label and the default SSID or wireless network name that the social hotspot is broadcasting on your smartphone. If the MAC address is incorrect your router will not connect to the platform -- A MAC address is a sequence of 12 numbers and the letters A-F often separated by colons (ex: AC:86:74:8B:45:20).


MAC address in your dashboard

under Edit Device:

 MAC address on the device label

(underside of the SH100)

 MAC address as part of SSID (Network name):





If the router is displaying a default SSID that is different than what you have set in the campaign this device should be broadcasting, delete your device and re-add it using the MAC address contained in the SSID.

If the MAC address is correct and the social hotspot has internet access, but your device is still not showing online within MyWiFi, the issue may be that your router's firewall is blocking the connection.

You will need to log into the router or modem that is providing internet to your SH100 and allow traffic to ports 1812 and 1813 -- or at least lower or turn off the firewall security to test if your device connects.

Logins and settings will vary by device model; login information is usually listed on the device label. If not, default logins can be searched for on Google. In some cases, you may need to contact your ISP to allow port access. Ports 1812 and 1813 need to be open to traffic in your router's Firewall to connect to the MyWiFi platform. Your social hotspot will not connect if it is assigned a static IP address.

If you have disconnected your router from your modem and connected the MyWiFi router it may be that your modem is not providing DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), meaning that your modem is not assigning IP addresses dynamically. Not all modems do -- in this case, you would be better off “piggybacking” off your main router.

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