Quick benefits guide

Automatically generate leads

Build highly-targeted email lists of customers who have visited your clients' locations.

Grow your social media presence

Enhance your social media presence with integrated social media sharing options.

Monetize your free WiFi

Sell ad slots throughout the authentication process to sponsors and build your own WiFi advertising network!

Save your money

Unlike some of the other solutions, we offer pay-as-you-grow options to allow you to cost-effectively scale your WiFi network.

Increase customer engagement

Learn about your clients' best customers and build customer loyalty through incentive-based WiFi promotions.

Use any device

Your white label WiFi works on all devices -- including smartphones, tablets, and laptops -- no matter if you're running Apple, Windows, Android, Blackberry, or any other operating system.

Manage and monitor from the cloud

Manage your MyWiFi hotspots from anywhere in the world with our cloud-managed solution. Sell beyond your neighborhood.

Build real mailing lists

When a customer logs in with social media, we capture the email address they used to sign in -- so your email list will be accurate and highly valuable!

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