Supported 3G/4G modems

MyWiFi supports the following wireless modems connected to our mini hotspot devices -- this should not be your main source of internet access for your campaign, but will work when hard-wired internet access isn't possible.

4G Supported USB Modems

  • Alcatel Onetouch L1004G/3G
  • Onetouch L8004G/3G
  • Huawei E398
  • Huawei E3272
  • Huawei E3276
  • Huawei E3372
  • ZTE MF823

3G Supported USB Modems

  • Huawei E156G
  • Huawei E169G
  • Huawei E173
  • Huawei E1752
  • Huawei E182E
  • Huawei E220
  • Huawei E272
  • Huawei E3131
  • Huawei E3231
  • Huawei E353
  • Huawei E8131 Wingle
  • Huawei E8231 Wingle
  • TP-Link MA180 v2
  • TP-Link MA260 v1
  • ZTE MF112
  • ZTE MF190
  • ZTE MF636

It's Important

A wireless device will never replace a hard-wired Internet connection and can not handle the bandwidth needs required for use as a Free WiFi hotspot.

We suggest only using wireless modems for running a specific demo or small campaign.

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