Install Nexx WT-3020F (Mini Device) firmware

Watch this walk-through video of the firmware installation:

Compatible devices:

Please follow these instructions carefully when flashing your NEXX device. These are the same instructions our support team uses to flash the device.

It's Important

  • Download the Firmware file for your Social Powered Mini Demo Device (NEXX WT-3020F) from the Devices section of your MyWiFi dashboard..

How to flash firmware to the NEXX WT-3020F

  1. Plug the power cord into the unit and wait until the blue light on front of the unit is solid.
    Once booted, the initial SSID should be NEXX_A1XXXX
    IMPORTANT: Take note of the last four digits of the SSID. This is required for distinguishing your newly flashed NEXX device from other flashed devices with default MyWiFi_SSID's. 
  2. Connect an ethernet cable from your computer to the LAN port of the NEXX WT-3020F.
  3. Open a web browser and type into the address bar.
  4. Enter the User Name and Password. The default credentials are admin for both username and password.
  5. Select Advanced within the NEXX device interface.
  6. Select System Tools.
  7. Select Upgrade Firmware.
  8. Click Choose File and select the downloaded firmware file from your computer, then click Upgrade.
  9. Wait 3-5 minutes for the firmware to finish installing; when the installation is complete, your browser page will refresh.
  10. The installation will be complete when the default SSID appears in the list of open networks -- it will appear as MyWiFi_SSID.

Test the unit connection

  1. Plug-in the ethernet cable from your modem to the NEXX device's WAN port.
  2. Connect to the default MyWiFi_SSID network.


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